I have a comic coming out later this year via Time Bomb Comics, entitled ‘Longship’. More information can be found about it over on the Time Bomb blog, and I encourage you to go and have  look at it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Really. I’ll still be here when you get back.

Read it? Good. So what is it about? I’ve spent quite some time describing it as fifty-odd pages about a funeral, but that tends to make people uncomfortable. Nobody really likes funerals, and they like talking about them even less. Funerals are about loss and grief, and we understandably tend to put them to the back of our mind. Which is, in a way, what Longship is about.

I often tell people that I want to be interred in a pyramid when I die. I’m pretty sure that most of the people that I tell this to think that I’m a touch morbid. It’s not morbid, though, at least not in my mind. My pyramid is intended to be a celebration of my life, something for people to remember me by when I’m gone. I don’t see planning for that as morbid, I see it as a culmination of my life, something I can leave behind. Which is, again, kind of what Longship is about.

I’ve described Longship, perhaps a little pretentiously, as a story of life, death, what you leave behind, and what we will do to honour those we love. It’s about loss, and acceptance of that loss, but also about celebration.  It’s a celebration of a life after it’s ended. That’s also what Longship is about.

The story is about a Viking ship burial on a hill somewhere in Yorkshire, set in the modern day. It’s beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Teall, who I encourage you to go and visit.She has made it look far better than I ever dared to hope.

Longship is due out in August of this year. I’ll post updates and random thoughts about it on this here blog as we build up to it.


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