Consumer Channel X, now showing in Futurequake.

I have a short story in the latest issue of Futurequake (25), which is available now, called Consumer Channel X and featuring art from Patrick Brown. I’m quite fond of it, but I would say that.There’s a review over at Down The Tubes, which is quite nice. It describes CCX thusly: ‘This is a great, funny tale with some sparky dialogue as a dreadful TV channel sells its ware. Everything must go!’, which is nice of them.

I’m quite fond of the story – it’s quite an old idea and has existed in at least two script forms prior to this. It stems from my odd obsession with shopping channels and the way that my my mind tends to wander while watching them. There’s something almost hypnotic about them, and while I’e never actually bought anything from one, I’m amazed at their seeming ability to sell almost anything to at least someone.

Patrick did a great job on the art, and is well worth a visit over at, where he has a fine selection of arty things and comics to entertain you.

To buy Futurequake, which contains many other fine comics too, go here, or, if you prefer interaction with other people, head off to your nearest comic shop and demand a copy.




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