Pushing the boat out.

Or ‘what I did at the weekend’.

Longship was finally launched at the Birmingham International Comics Expo this past Saturday. I held a printed copy in my hand for first time that morning and found myself standing, grinning like a demented loon for a while. I’ve had a .pdf copy for some time now, but the print version is somehow much more satisfying. It’s more tangible, I suppose. More real. 

I spent a while after I arrived signing the hardcovers, and only managed to spell my name wrong twice, which I think was something of an achievement. It’s not like I’ve had the name for a long time or anything. Still, hopefully I’ll get a bit more practice at it. 

The convention itself was quite nice. It was a relatively small affair, with two floors of exhibitors and guests. I got to have a good look around and met some nice people, and was particularly pleased to be able to meet Dave Evans at the Futurequake table, what with me having a story in the most recent issue and all.

As part of the the Longship launch, we had a panel/presentation in which we discussed the creative process and the experience of working on the book. I’ve not really had much experience talking about my work before, so it was a bit of an odd experience, but one that I enjoyed. I’m considering writing up some of my thoughts that I had during the panel, along with a few more, at some point once the book is shipped out and is starting to reach people. 

Which reminds me. I believe the pre-orders of the hardcover will be shipping this week, and any copies ordered through Diamond will be shipping in the next week or so. That should put it into a few more peoples hands, and I’m quite looking forward to seeing how people react to it.

All in all, it was quite a pleasant weekend. I just can’t help but shake the feeling that, now that Longship is actually out, I should probably get around to writing the next book…


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