Getting back on the horse.

2014 wasn’t my best year for productivity. While it was good for actual published work, I spent a lot of my time doing anything but writing and as a consequence this year is looking a lot less promising on the actually getting things published front, with only one thing lined up at the moment. Fantastically, I’ve managed to avoid building any kind of momentum with Longship. Never let it be said that I like to do things the easy way.

Fortunately the arrival of a new year seems to have kick-started my creativity, and I’ve been writing again. Which is good news for Becs at least, since she’s still waiting for me to finish the script for the post-Longship project. It involves robots. On Mars. Sadly there’s very little chance of them actually doing anything interesting, and I’ve written another funeral into it. Fans of introspective robots with existential angst will no doubt be delighted by it though.

I’ve also been working on some prose projects, which has meant flexing some different creative muscles to the ones that I’m used to. When I’m scripting comics I get to leave a lot of the detail to the poor artist, who I can rely on being able to flesh out what I’m asking for, allowing me to concentrate on the broader stokes and the dialogue. I don’t get to hide when I’m working with prose. Everything is down to me, and me alone, and that involves a much more painful editing process that exposes all of my inadequacies.

The main thrust of my year so far has been finishing off the second draft of a novel. If you ever want to convince yourself that you are the worst writer in the world, I highly recommend it. Every sentence that I wrote so excitedly while furiously typing out the first draft turned out to be near gibberish; the plot full of holes and the dialogue written by an eight year old. And typos. Many, many typos. I can only assume that it was a form of masochism that made me actually finish editing it. It’s currently sitting in a virtual drawer, waiting for the process to begin again in a week or two with the third draft, this time with added external input.

Until then, it’s back to the robots. Hopefully I’ll finishing writing it in the near future and be able to talk about it a bit more.


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