Playing the game

I’ve got back into gaming of late. Not the cool, socially acceptable form of gaming, the one where you sit in front of a TV and shoot things. No, I’ve never been one for computer games, despite being part of the first generation to grow up with them. It may just be that I’m useless at them – I can count the number of games that I’ve completed on one hand – or it may just be that that they were too expensive when I was young. For me, games have always been something you play on the living room floor or the kitchen table.

I blame my renewed interest entirely on getting Star Trek Attack Wing for Christmas. I’ve always wanted to captain a Klingon Bird of Prey, and this is probably as close as I’ll get. Unfortunately it seems that I’m shockingly bad at it, having not won at all yet. Even worse, I have an alarming tendency to set my movement dial in the wrong direction, suggesting that I don’t actually know my left from my right.

It’s been the catalyst to pull out some older games, though. Rediscovering the joy of Munchkin has been a particular delight, but by far the biggest surprise is a game called Notre Dame. Set in medieval Paris, you have to spread your influence throughout your district while avoiding the plague. Perfect for a pair of medieval historians.

If only it ended there. I found GURPS earlier, hiding behind the quick start rules for Shadowrun, and can feel the urge to go out and buy dice and graph paper. I’m going to end up writing epic fantasy at this rate.


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