Tales From The Coffee Shop

I have a new comic online, collaborating with Rebecca Teall again. It’s called Waiting For Her, and can be found here. Go have a read, then come back and I’ll ramble on about it for a bit. I’m not going anywhere. Honest.

Right, I’ll proceed with the assumption that you’ve read it. Waiting For Her is the sort of story that I enjoy writing. It’s a slice of life piece that takes a fairly mundane situation and has a look at what’s going on in a characters head. I like to get into peoples heads. That’s where the interesting things happen. Everyone has something going on behind the scenes, and that’s where a lot of stories begin.

That said, I have no idea where this particular story came from. With most stories I have an idea of what sparked it – with Longship, for instance, it was the visual image of a longship burning in a funeral rite, and wondering whose funeral it was – but in this case, I draw a blank when I think about it. It’s simply a scene that leapt out of my head onto the page, unbidden.

The setting is another of my favourites. Coffee shops are a natural place for low-level human drama. I’m sitting in one as I write this, and I can see several stories suggesting themselves just by looking around the room. There’s a man with his laptop out, staring intently at the screen. Is he working ‘from home’, or is he another writer, getting out of the house for inspiration? There’s a woman sitting reading a book by the window after meeting her friend. Is she waiting for someone else or just killing time? I could spend all day watching people and wondering.

Rebecca has made the whole thing look beautiful, as ever. I seem to constantly send her fairly boring, static scenes and she always manages to bring them to life. One day I’ll have to write something exciting and dynamic for her. In the meantime, you should take a moment to poke around her blog after reading Waiting.

We’re planning a few more short comics, so if you enjoyed this you’ll hopefully get to see something else in the near future. Until then, I’m going to sit here for a while and take in the atmosphere.


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