A Random Miscellany Of Things That Are Pleasing

There was an eclipse this morning. Not a total eclipse, but enough of one to get everyone excited, me included. I duly stood outside of my house with a rudimentary pinhole thingy to watch it with, and, while it wasn’t as spectacular as the one back in 1999, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Even better, thanks to the ubiquity of cameraphones I can now force my poor photography on people. This is the best I managed, with clouds getting in the way of the actual eclipse, although you can see it in miniature below the sun.

I’ve been fascinated with space since i was a child, which is probably the fault of Star Trek. The only thing to come close to that was dinosaurs, which made the episode of Voyager with the space-dinosaurs in it possibly the greatest thing ever to happen. I distinctly remember reading my dinosaur books to death, and one of the greatest obsessions that I had was with the Crystal Palace dinosaurs, which were Victorian and anatomically incorrect. I’ve been to see them quite a few times, and used to be able to see Megatherium from the train on my way to work, something which brightened many a morning commute.

This would probably explain my delight at discovering Antediluvian Miniatures, who are making miniatures of said dinosaurs. Timed perfectly for for my rediscovery of tabletop gaming, I can’t wait unitl they get around to doing Iguanadon. I love the massively incorrect version more that the actual ‘proper’ version, with all of it’s scientific accuracy. Even if you’re not into gaming or model dinosaurs, you have to appreciate a company that has a dinosaur with a monocle as its Facebook avatar.

Away from anatomically incorrect dinosaurs, I was quite pleased to see Fabian Nicieza being announced as the writer of the upcoming Secret Wars: Age Of Apocalypse mini-series. He was the writer of X-Men when I first started reading American comics, and his Gambit series is, to my mind at least, one of the great under-rated superhero series of the ’90s. The original story is, despite its flaws, one of the great crossover events, and I’m pleased to see one of the original creators revisiting it. I actually re-read the whole thing at Christmas, and thoroughly enjoyed it. This could be one of the highlights of the whole Secret Wars event.

Finally, my random memory of the week is Battle Cards, a short lived CCG from Steve Jackson. I have no idea what made me think of them, but they were amongst the more bizarre things that I collected. They were a card game that had scratch panels, which you scratched off to win battles with others. There were quests to complete, and cards could be collected for their ‘gold’ value and exchanged for rarer cards. They were an interesting idea, but the scratch card aspect made them difficult to reuse, which is probably why they fell out of my memory until yesterday. The setting and art could make for a fun mobile game though.

I’m off to attempt to bring order to the mancave. In reality, I’m going to sit and play with my NECA Godzillas and procrastinate instead of writing the webcomic thing that it’s a bit too early to talk about yet.


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