Mancave Maintainance

I took the weekend off, from a blogging perspective anyway, so that I could attempt to bring order to the mancave. It doubles up as the spare room, and, as we have people visiting next week, we need it to appear at least vaguely organised. Which means putting things back on shelves and tidying my Godzillas up after myself. Possibly even dusting, if I get carried away.

It’s odd. Despite having a collector mentality, I’d never really thought about having a mancave until we were looking to move last year and I realised that we might have a usable spare room. It occurred to me that I could finally have somewhere to put all of my stuff, rather than having it take over the entire house, as it had been doing for several years.

I justified the mancave with the simple rule that all of my robots, toys and comics would take up residence in it, and not spread throughout the rest of the house, as they had been doing. I’ve been quite successful so far, with only a couple of Transformers sitting in the living room at the moment. They’re waiting for a space in one of the Detolfs, and will be making the move soon. Otherwise, the mancave is now full of the fruits of a lifetime of excessive nerdery.

It’s nice to have everything in one place, but as a result I’ve come to realise just how much stuff I have. There are another three boxes of Transformers that I simply haven’t got space for at all, despite filling three Detolfs already. I’ve filled the bookcases with graphic novels, and space still looks like it’ll be a problem before long. The games shelf overflowed almost immediately, and all this is without addressing the issue of the starship collection slowly taking over one side of the room.

It makes for a very full room that’s hard to dust, one that lends itself to things being left laying around. That wouldn’t normally bother me too much, since I’ve always been a fan of organised chaos and clutter, but it’s the fact that it has to double up as a spare room the makes it awkward. If I don’t keep it tidy it’s a bit of a nightmare to get it ready for people visiting.

I say that it’s a nightmare for me, but I can only imagine what it’s like for people who stay in the mancave. It’s a small room, and the sofa bed is overlooked by robots, action figures and at least one Mr Potato Head (Optimus Prime version, of course). It’s bordered on three sides by hundreds of graphic novels. For some people reading this, it probably sounds like a great place to stay. For others, it’s probably more than a little intimidating, not least because a lot of the toys look like they’ll break if you look at them funny, and sleeping with a small army of robots watching you may be a bit off-putting.

Still, it’s a nice thing to have, even if it is more work than I thought it would be. I can finally find all of my comics again, including some that I hadn’t seen in years. I’ve found forgotten toys that lurked at the bottom of unpacked boxes, and I’ve almost reached the point where I’ll be able to sell off (or re-home, as I like to think of it) my excess Transformers. My years of collecting have finally reached an end product, and its a great thing.

I just wish I didn’t have to dust it all.


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