In The Summertime…

It hasn’t rained for the past four days. We’ve had sunshine too, and if you stand in the right place it actually feels warm. I’ve found my sunglasses and I’m ready for the inevitable onslaught of hay fever, which has already been playing at the edge of my sinuses. Spring has arrived, and summer won’t be far behind.

I can tell summer’s not far off because my music tastes are shifting. During the winter I tend to be caught listening to Type O Negative, before disappearing into a diet of black metal. If it snows, I’ll almost certainly want to listen to Battles In The North or Between Two Worlds. Atmospheric black metal creeps into my head and links itself to the cold and dark.

As the days start to stretch out and the sun starts to make itself known again I turn more towards what I think of summer music. The first manifestation is normally in the form of Aerosmith. I have Get A Grip  on at the moment, and there’s something about it that screams ‘summertime’ at me. If modern Aerosmith isn’t to your taste, then I challenge you to listen to Sweet Emotion and not want to drive around in a convertible.

It’s just as much of a herald of the summer as the sun and hay fever, for me at least. In the next month or so I’ll be breaking out the likes of Iron Maiden and Rancid, before heading off on a folk metal tangent. It’s festival music, and that’s what I associate summer with. Summer is the time to go and sit in a field and get slowly drunk while listening to great music.

I’ve been going to festivals since 1998. I’ve rarely had a summer holiday in that time, but I’ve spent a great many weekends in parts of the country that I wouldn’t even know existed otherwise, in good weather and bad. I’ve been to Pontins and seen the truly odd sight of Paradise Lost headlining in a holiday camp. Festivals are one of the better things in life.

I hate hot weather, I suffer from hay fever and like to wear black a lot. I’m not built for summer. I’d often be happier somewhere cold, but I look forward to summer every year. Just take me to a field, stick a beer in my hand and point me towards some kind of German thrash band and I’ll be happy as anything. I’d best check the tent is still in one piece.


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