A Random Miscellany Of Things That Are Pleasing 07/03/15

I skipped the pseudo-debates last night in favour of Brooklyn Nine Nine, which is the only program outside of Masterchef that I seem to be able to remember to watch on a regular basis. I only really started watching it as my other half is a huge fan, but I’ve come to love it. There’s nothing particularly special about it, but it’s well executed and well cast. It’s consistently good, which is enough for me.

I also watched the first episode of Inside No 9, the new series from Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith. As I understand it, each week there’ll be a different story using a different setting within the constraints of the title. This week it was set in carriage nine of a sleeper train, and worked incredibly well given the limited space. It has the black comedy that I’ve come to expect from them, and has a nice twist ending. It’s also well cast and well scripted, which means that I’ll definitely be back for the rest of the series.

Away from TV, I’ve been surprised by how excited I’ve been about some of the Secret Wars reveals. I doubt I’d be interested in a Spider-Island series, despite enjoying the original event, but the promise of new Spider-Girl material has me intrigued, particularly since Tom Defalco is returning to write it. Spider-Girl was a great series, and it’ll be nice to revisit it.

Even more surprising was the reveal that Zero Cochrane, the Ghost Rider of 2099 will be in the Ghost Racers series. As a cyberpunk obsessed teenager I was a massive fan of the original series, and, again, it’ll be nice to revisit it. Sadly it doesn’t seem to have to led to a TPB of the original series, but I can dream.

I think what strikes me about the Secret Wars projects is how much fun the creative teams seem to be having. There are a lot of concepts and settings being revisited which I’d want to read even if I wasn’t interested in the main series. As it is, I can see myself picking up the inevitable omnibus editions of the whole event.

Finally, I’ll most likely be missing the football tonight, but I’m not too upset about it. I’ve gone off of England internationals, and can’t see anything other than a win against Lithuania, even if it ends up as a ground-out one-nil disappointment. The qualifying group being so easy this time around has taken the drama out of it, especially with the change to the top two teams qualifying. In that light, it’s quite nice to see the FA actually arranging some difficult friendlies. I’m actually more interested in the match against Italy on Tuesday, which I predict will end in a draw. My predictions are always wrong, though, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to that.


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