Keeping Busy

I find it very hard to write just one thing at a time. I get distracted easily, with new ideas and scenes popping into my head while I’m trying to focus on whatever it is that I’ve sat down to do. It makes it difficult to concentrate, which is why I seem to have developed the habit of working on multiple projects at the same time. That way I can at least try to be distracted in a more productive manner.

Looking at what I have either open or in a state that I consider ‘active’ at the moment, I seem to be a bit on the busy side. There’s the next graphic novel with Rebecca, which still needs to have the dialogue added in, two separate webcomic ideas, a couple of short comic strips, a short story that is refusing to to behave and a novella. Looming in the distance behind all of that is the novel, which is in desperate need of a third draft.

Most of that is completely manageable. If something isn’t working at any given time, I can move over to something else and work on that. I’m hoping that the plot point that needs resolving in the short story will pop into my head while I’m thinking about something else, for instance. Most, if not all, of it will get finished off at some point. It’s the novel that’s causing me sleepless nights.

In order to redraft eighty-odd thousand words, I need to be able to be solely focused on it, which means clearing the decks of everything else that I want to do for the next month or so so I can give it the attention it needs. I’m quite a fast writer once I get going, but the prospect of focusing on just one thing for such a long period of time fills me with trepidation, yet, despite that, I can feel the need to do it building up in me, as if somewhere in my mind I’ve decided that it’s time to do it.

So I’m clearing the decks now so I can get it out of the way, and come back to the pile of stuff that’s waiting to get out of my note book and onto the screen. Which includes the next novel, already making itself known. I really can’t focus on just one thing at a time.


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