An unexpected webcomic

I have a webcomic currently up and running with my regular partner-in-crime, Rebecca Teall, which can be found at Go take a look at it, and then come back here so I can talk about it a bit.

(Incidentally, if you have trouble getting rid of the cookie disclaimer, try shrinking the window to get the scroll bar so you can close it, or try reading it on a mobile device. It’s a pain, but we know about it and are trying to fix it.)

Okay, I’m going to assume that you’ve read it now. It’s a bit of a departure from our previous collaborations, in more ways than one. Perhaps most obviously, it’s odder than anything we’ve done before. It’ll get odder as it goes, but will strangely make more sense the further into it you get. It’s that kind of thing.

The biggest departure, from my point of view anyway, is on the creative side as this wasn’t originally a comic script. Many years ago I wrote a series of short prose pieces, each in the region of around 500 words. I wrote the first one after it came to me in a dream, and they have a kind of dream-logic consistency to them. I hadn’t really thought of doing anything with them for years, until Rebecca asked if I had anything a bit odder that she could have a look at at. I sent them to her, she liked them and asked if she could illustrate them, and you can see the result for yourselves.

It’s not the way that I’d normally write a comic, and I’m fascinated by the results. Rebecca is making her own mark on the story, which will get incorporated into future chapters as I come to write them, affecting the overall direction of travel. I also normally write full-script, which makes this is the closest that I’ve come to working Marvel-style, and it’s interesting experience. As I think about future chapters, it already feels a lot more collaborative than some of our previous work.

I don’t actually know where the story is going. I lost many of the original stories a laptop or two ago, and can’t remember exactly what I had planned. I’m going to have to try emulate my younger self a little, which is going to be quite an experience.  It’s one I’m enjoying so far, although I do wish the younger me had been better at backing things up.


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